Kendra & Nick


join us for a weekend of love, connection, & "I Do".

Nick Falzerano


Kendra Martin


May 6, 2023

Mill Valley, CA

How We Met

Online Dating During COVID!

Kendra: "We matched on a dating app called Hinge! On our first date, we went to a fave health-food restaurant Goodonya and realized quickly we were both sober. Neither of us had been looking for a sober partner but God had other plans! After dinner we went to get ice cream and the jokes started flowing. Nick told me he had two chihuahuas named Jeff and Little Bug and I thought he was making another joke. I quickly realized this alpha has a very soft side, and was curious to find out more. We've been pretty much inseparable ever since, although Nick definitely played the long game and followed all the rules (AKA waiting FOUR WHOLE DAYS to text me after the first date :D). My favorite things about our relationship are our mutual commitment to our spirituality and recovery, our playful dynamic, and our honesty with one another. A bonus is that Nick is an aficionado at living life to the fullest and he has opened my eyes to a life of travel, food, culture, and experience that I didn't know was possible for me. I am eternally grateful for the life we are creating together and thank God every day for sending me this man. We both cannot wait to share our wedding weekend with you, our closest friends and family. We are so honored and grateful for your presence.

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