Laura & Martin


Martin Duarte


Laura Guzman

June 17, 2023

Hacienda Heights, CA
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How We Met

Blind Date

We were set up on a blind date by my sister Kristiana. Our first date was a double date. We went to dinner at the Irvine Spectrum PF Chang's and then went on a hot air balloon. Martin loves to tell the story about how I barely spoke on our first date. He states he talked so much that his jaw began to hurt, and he ran out of things to say and decided, as a last resort, to play Netflix on his phone as we waited for our hot air balloon ride. Martin says he knew there was more than met the eye. So he continued to take me out on more dates to get me out of my shell.

The Proposal

Martin proposed in Big Bear. A few weeks prior, we were shopping at Costco, and he took a call from his dad. I was a few steps ahead of him. He was talking to his dad about the family's Big Bear cabin and said, "Yeah, dad, I am going to propose to her there." I turned around and said, "You know I am right here." He laughed it off, and we went about our day. I knew he was going to propose to me in Big Bear. I didn't know when. We were getting ready to go out to eat. As we were leaving, Martin said he needed to go to the hardware store to pick up a tool for the house. He wanted to go before we ate. I was upset because we were going to be late for our reservation. Once he picked up the tool, he asked me if I had turned off my curling iron. I told him, I don't remember. He knows I always second guess whether I unplug my curling iron and always have someone check for me. He said let's go back and check. Little did I know while he was at the store, he called his friend Danny, who was also in Big Bear, to decorate the living room for the proposal. I ran into the house upset. He knows I always ask him to double-check if I unplugged it, and we would be late for the reservation. I go to the bathroom to check if I unplugged the curling iron. Walking back to the door, I noticed the rose petals on the floor and candles in the living room. Martin got down on one knee and was the one who was at a loss for words. He was able to say, Will you marry me?"