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Gregory Marcotte


Martha Muñiz



September 30


Our Story - Martha's Version

It'll be 7 years this September since I moved to Boston and I still enjoy walking along Comm Ave, taking pictures of the blooming trees and flowers in the Spring and the occasional snapshot of a duck or two floating on the Charles River. When I decided to create a profile on Bumble, the app where Greg and I matched, I fully intended to only date someone within a 1 mile radius (as I set on the app). Thankfully our paths crossed! Our first date was at Basile, an Italian restaurant in Boston- it was the perfect setting for a first date. We sat down and just as his eyes and smile are easy to appreciate and take in, so was our conversation. We learned about each other's interests in movies, sports, hobbies, and our families; one of us even underplayed their true love for football! I remember thinking that Greg possessed many of the qualities I'd been searching for in a partner. He seemed genuine, kindhearted, respectful, and family oriented. That night, almost 2 years ago, I thought to myself "that went really well"! Since that night, Greg has continued to show me just how big his heart is, how much he cares about me and the people he loves the most. What a blessing to have met him, in the midst of a pandemic!

Our Story - Greg's Version

After years of waiting around for my perfect match and on the back end of the pandemic lockdown, I decided I needed to start making my own luck. I got the dog I always wanted someday, I started looking for a house with renewed urgency, and I went back to online dating. After a bit of swiping on Bumble, I stumbled upon a pretty girl in a white sweater in front of a cabin with a sign that said “Martha’s Place” (I was misled to think she owned a vacation property). We messaged a bit, and made plans to meet up on March 30th at an Italian place I had heard was good but rarely crowded – Covid safe! I wish I remember more of our conversation from that night, but Martha frequently reminds me that I oversold my Red Sox season tickets and undersold how much football I watch. What I do remember from our first date is her warm nature, our discussion of common values – especially regarding family – and how easy she was to talk to. The night could have gone on forever. I talked to my friend Tim after our first date, and of course he wanted the gossip and to hear how my date went. I began rambling on and on until he interrupted, “I need to stop you there. You realize you said she’s the girl you want to marry.” I guess I did. A couple months later I invited Martha kayaking in New Hampshire with some friends. It was pretty much her first time kayaking, but I assured her she wouldn’t have any issues. About 10 minutes in, she got caught on a rock in a rapid and her boat promptly filled with water. I, merrily paddling 100 yds downstream, looked back to see a brave Martha wading through the rapids struggling to tow her capsized kayak to shore. I made my way back to her, expecting either anger or frustration. Instead, she looked at me and said “It’s alright. I’ve got this.” Together, we bailed out her kayak and continued downstream. That trip together made me certain that Martha was really special. I’ve only become more sure of that fact in the [almost] two years since. She’s been an incredible partner, and I can’t imagine my life without her by my side. With her, I realize we can bail out any kayak and continue downstream together. ...Which is good because there are many rivers from Boston, to Melrose, to San Diego.

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