Marshall & Kyle





August 3, 2024

Cincinnati, OH

The story of how we ended up married...

2020: Kyle drives from Cincinnati to Louisville for Marshall and Kyle's first date at a local taco joint (Taco Luchador, if you know you know). 2020-2022: Marshall and Kyle (and Freddie) drive back and forth between Cincinnati and Louisville nearly every weekend. 2022: Due to the geographic necessity for Marshall's job, Marshall and Kyle buy a house together in Louisville and rent out Kyle's house in Cincinnati. Domestic bliss ensues, but Cincinnati is greatly missed. 2023: Marshall gets a job opportunity too good to turn down with a Cincinnati based bank. Planning for the move to Cincy begins before the final offer is inked. With all the moving parts, both parties realize it's time to make things official on paper. March 2023: Marshall and Kyle plan a wedding in the span of a few weeks to coincide with a long planned trip Kyle's cousin Taylor (and her husband Jonathan) are making to visit us in Louisville. April 1, 2023: Taylor and Jon are very surprised that our mysterious plans are a wedding. Marshall and Kyle exchange vows and say "I do." August 2023: The long planned and anticipated move back to Cincinnati is executed. Present day: We have always wanted a large wedding with all of our family and friends. While the timelines for the official ceremony and the reception didn't line up perfectly, we are very much excited to celebrate with you in August 2024!

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For all the days along the way
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