Marissa & Shaun





San Clemente


July 2

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Our Story

We met in 2021 the old fashioned way, we met online. After vaccination status was confirmed, we went out on a date and the rest is history. Since that date, we have pretty much been on the go nonstop. We love exploring the world and have taken trips to Banff, Canada, Western Europe, and Van Nuys Target. We also went to Disneyland three times in the span on 6 weeks, which Shaun thought was a lot, but he was a real storm trooper about it. We enjoy just sharing a couch and our Netflix account, and neither of us saw Stranger Things 5 coming. But hey, we both hope it will be great. After a year and a half of trips, experiences, and love, we realized we wanted to do it forever. We actually realized we were in it for the long haul 6 months in when we decided to buy a bed together, but Shaun is a procrastinator. We chose San Clemente for our wedding because we have had some fun experiences there and it is very beautiful. Whether you are old friends or new friends, we are excited to have you celebrate with us on our special day.