September 12, 2024
Napoli, Italy

Serena & Mario



The Wedding Website of Serena Troise and Mario Caceres
We are so delighted that you decided to join us on this exciting journey that will lead to the best day of our lives, so far! To make you more comfortable with this trip we will share here all you need to know. We want you to feel at home, just as we do when we come back to Napoli. We are planning a Welcome Party on September 9th and group activities on September 10th. So we encourage guests to book their flights arriving Sunday September 8th, or Monday morning, to fully enjoy the wedding week! If you have any questions, please contact Mario & Serena. While you in Napoli you can also contact Roberta (MOH) on whatsapp +393488428978
Airplane Outline


Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli

The International Airport of Naples is the most convenient way to arrive at your destination. You can easily find flights from the US. We recommend 1 layover to get a more economic flight, however you can definitely book a flight with no stops from JFK and other International airports.



Airbnb & Hotels

We created a pdf file with many options. After a research we prepared a list of the best and most convenient places for your accommodation. They are mostly walking distance to the main attractions in Napoli and its historical center. If you don’t have the file yet, please contact us.


Travel Note

Shuttle Bus

We will never want you to feel lost, so we arranged a bus for all the International guests on our wedding day. The bus will pick you up at the church at 4:30 pm and will take you to the reception. The bus will depart again from the venue at 1 AM. (More details to come) .


Rental Car

Sixt Autonoleggio e furgoni Napoli Aeroporto

Viale Fulco Ruffo di Calabria, Napoli, Campania 80144, Italy

We don't think you will need your own car. However, if you wish to rent a car, remember cars in Italy are mostly manual and the streets are very small, people also drive crazy! LOL. Would you decide to rent a car for you and your family, please see info here