Marikka & Johnny


Green palmGreen palm

Marikka Joseph


Johnny Spencer

October 27, 2023

Princeville, HI

How We Met/First Date

We went fishing and met over lobster

We met online through Plenty of Fish. To this day she claims to have seen my profile first, but I initiated the first contact by asking about her travels. We talked seemingly nonstop for the next week and then she asked me out on a first date. We met at Court Street Lobster and I became nervous when she was a couple of minutes late. She still showed up and looked amazing. She was surprised I was actually 6'7. We had great conversation and continued the date with drinks at the bar next door. After several more dates enjoying each other's company, we both realized this could be something more.


April 15, 2022

We took a road trip to Chicago to see one of her favorite artists, Elle Varner, perform. Little did she know, it would be our last day as boyfriend/girlfriend (in a good way). We made it to the hotel and were relaxing in the room before the concert. I had been in touch with the concierge weeks prior to plan out the engagement. I made up an excuse to go to the lobby and finalize the plans. I convinced her that the concierge was going to give us a tour of the rooftop terrace which was currently closed. While checking out the rooftop terrace, I asked the concierge to take a picture of us. Luckily, she did an excellent job of distracting Marikka while I pulled out the ring. Marikka turned around to see me on one knee and thankfully said yes after asking her to marry me.

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