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The Correa’s turn 25!!


Maricela Correa


Michael Correa

October 14, 2023

Redlands, CA

Please sit back and enjoy our 25 year journey video.

How it all began

We first met at the 1994 “Godly Fear” District Convention. It started with a “Hey you! Do you go to Manzanita Congregation?” Then a picture 📸. You see, it was Michael’s baptism day and unknown to me, his parents forgot their camera. A picture that captured the most important day of his life lead to a wonderful friendship…. We started dating 2 years later. Then on May 20, 1998, he popped the question. Those of you that know the story, know that he didn’t have a ring💍 He had bought it months prior, but was tired of waiting on the jeweler to deliver it. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful intimate proposal and I eventually got my ring!! On Oct 03, 1998 we made a vow to each other, before witnesses and in God’s sight to love, cherish and deeply respect one another in accordance with the Holy Scriptures as long as we both shall live. 25 years later, with Jehovah’s help, we are living up to our marriage vow. We have been blessed with 3 amazing kids and 2 lovable dogs. We have lived through sickness and health. Our adventure continues and we pray to Jehovah that we can continue to make memories for an eternity…

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