Mariah & Benjamin

Lighted GarlandLighted Garland

Benjamin Brooks


Mariah Mendoza

San Diego


May 27

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The Beginning

Music to Her Ears

Picture the scene; music blaring, people dancing, and a bunch of college kids drunk out of their minds. Boy sees girl in the distance, chatting with friends, and he can't keep his eyes off her. He has a few drinks in him, so his confidence is boosted slightly. He decides to get a friend to introduce him, but he doesn't know what to say. After exchanging pleasantries, she breaks the ice. "Hi! I heard you rap. Rap something!" she says wearing her signature smile. Taken aback, but confident in his ability, boy begins to rap. Mind you, the music was BLARING, so all she could hear were muffled sounds. Oblivious, the boy decides to rap for 4 minutes straight (lol). Despite the... uh... interesting first meeting, the two exchange numbers. After a few dates, they realized there wasn't a spark. Oh well, it happens, they thought. They move on with their lives and enjoy the rest of their time in college. Two years later, they run into each other at the gym, then on the way to class, and, finally, at the local college bar, Tombs. Outside of the aforementioned interactions, they haven't spoken a single word to each other for 2 years, but in typical Mariah fashion, she breaks the ice once again. "Ben! How come you never call me?" she asks. The two chat (without rapping) and hit it off this time around. The next day, Ben calls, and a few dates later, they take their first steps towards their future together.