Marcus & Haley


Marcus Protz


Haley Grimm

April 13, 2024

Milwaukee, WI
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Where it all began

First comes school, then comes marriage

Marcus transferred to North Boone High School at the start of our freshman year of high school. Marcus and I became friends almost instantly. Throughout our high school career we became very close friends. Marcus and I would always be the first ones to school and hang out in the locker bay, chatting! Marcus headed off to College of DuPage and I went to UWM. We kept in touch even though we were far away from each other. One fall, Marcus and I started texting about the Bears, and their lack of success.. We continued talking and started to maybe think we could be even more than close friends! We decided to go on our first official date to Volcano Falls. (I won, by one) We were having so much fun talking and catching up, we didn't want the date to end so we went Dairy Ripple in Belvidere to talk even more. We discussed later that after this date we both realized this was going to be something amazing. At the time, Marcus was at ISU and I was still in Milwaukee. Marcus came up to a Brewer's game and met all my friends! That day, June 26th, was the day we started officially dating. And as they say, the rest was history. Marcus and I went through about 9 months of long distance before he moved up to Milwaukee and we got an apartment in Shorewood and our first pet, Jax. We have been adventuring and growing our relationship since. We love our little love story and cannot wait for everyone to be there for a huge part of our story! ◡̈