Mandy & Ross

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Ross Lundquist


Mandy Wright

November 25, 2023

Canyon Lake, Texas, United States

How We Met

Help is on the way dear!

One evening after work Mandy went by her friend Robert's bar, at the time named Krystal's Cocktails now known as Moe's Tavern. This same evening Ross had gone over to his father's house to assist him in a matter that required additional man power and heavy lifting where he had worked up quite a sweat. As he ventured on his way home he approached a green street light. As he proceeded to go, another vehicle from the right (right outta nowhere) slammed into the front end right side of his vehicle before backing up and high-tailing it away from the incident. Recognizing his vehicle was no longer drivable, Ross turned right at the light to assess the situation and make the necessary phone calls, pulling up and parking right in front of a place he'd never been called Krystal's Cocktails. Over a slight hill that blocks the view of the bar's patio from the street and street view from the patio, Mandy comes running toward the temporarily decommissioned vehicle as she had heard the commotion from the patio. She ran right up to Ross as he sat on the ground angry trying to fix the problem that, at the time, he felt should not have been occurring. As she came within shouting distance she asked, "Are you ok?" He looked up to see Mandy slowing to approach him in assistance. When their eyes met he exclaimed a quiet yet dominant, "WOAH". Hearing his comment and seeing him made her feel light headed and flushed her cheeks causing her to instinctively want to impress him any way possible! He remained fairly speechless with a seemingly absent minded grin on his face while witnessing her attempts. Then he suddenly became aware he started feeling more concerned about his hard work soaked attire than his disabled Toyota FJ Cruiser... After some convincing from herself and the help of good ol' sweet keen Robert who could see exactly what the situation was becoming, Ross came into the bar to join Mandy and Robert for a drink while he waited for authorities and roadside assistance to arrive. A connection was certainly made and they came to find that with quite a large amount of mutual friends they had and the many events they had either both attended and/or were invited to and had never crossed paths, that their moment may have been coming for some time.... Special thanks to the hit and run driver and/or the Devine intervener that caused their fairytale-like love to finally begin!

The Proposal


Ross had held the ring and the secret for months waiting for the perfect moment and trying to come up with the perfect way after their beautiful, exciting, incredible and full of love 7 years together.... Finally an opportunity to have some family over for a nice brunch together to spend time with each other on a holiday from work arose. Smaller than a handful of close ones knew what was about to take place, as if any others did than Mandy would know as well, especially if her twin sister knew! After an incredibly delicious buffet style brunch spread made by Ross, he gathered everyone into the living room to thank everyone for coming and expressing his gratitude for all the love in the room and our lives... "And if Mandy could come up here with me", Ross requested. As Mandy walked toward Ross to join him in his speech, she thought, he drops to his knee holding out the most perfect for Mandy ring that could ever be conceived, that he had designed himself with the help of Mandy's babies Riley and Christian. Then in a heartfelt and soft voice said, "This should've happened a long time ago, but will you marry me?" Without speaking or even looking at the ring Mandy bursts into tears crumbling into Ross' arms. This not being a definite answer he kisses her and asks again. This time getting a most absolute yes! We can't wait to celebrate this event of our love with all those we care about! See you in November!