Makayla & Brock



Brock Blanchard


Makayla Swensen

September 14, 2023

Logan, UT

Come Sail Away With Me

Sometimes you meet and you instantly know that's the person for you. Sometimes you meet and need a few years for love to grow into something that cannot be broken.

Back in September of 2018, Makayla was out with a friend when she was asked if someone could join them for dinner. Not seeing an issue with it, she agreed to it and about 15 minutes, a tall, shy, handsome brunette walked over and joined them. They were both quiet around each other until Makayla finally broke the ice, "sorry I haven't talked much, I'm awkward around new people." After that the tension cleared, the three of them went bowling and played pool then talked outside until 2 am. The next day, Brock found her on facebook and sent her a message that Makayla woke up to. They texted for hours until he mentioned wanting to go get a drink and not wanting to go alone. Makayla, not wanting to seem too eager, suggested he take everyone in his family before eventually he convinced her to join him. When they got to the maverick a few miles from their homes, it was revealed that he didn't really need a drink, he just wanted to see her again. It took years of trials, growth and love to get where they are. Both truly believe that persistence and patience are close friends when it came to them as a unit. They know that they couldn't see a future without each other and have had to work both together and separately to achieve that. Now, with their cute 5 year old dog, they are ready to start their future together.

When They Knew

Mackie knew on the first date. During their drive, as conversation flowed, a topic came up that is a touchy moment whenever she meets someone new. Brock's reply was nothing but encouraging, uplifting and excited. It was the first time that she had a reply like that and throughout her life she always told herself that would be a sign to take that man seriously. Brock won't tell people when the "aha" moment was, but he describes it as a slow gradual change. His love grew slowly, but stronger than any other love he's grown, family excluded of course.

What the Stars Foretold

It was too coincidental, for it to be a coincidence.

Brock and Mackie could have met years before, everything was lined up to near misses. Here are some of those near misses; --They ran in the same social circle and Brock actually dated some of Makayla's best friends, but they never met. --Makayla sat next to Brock's high school best friend during one of her classes. --When Brock's family moved to Millville, they moved down the street from Makayla's childhood home. It also happened to be her childhood friends old home that they moved into. --They were in the same ward and attended mutual at the same time. Looking back, Makayla remembers looking over during the opening of those meetings and thinking "oh that kid is cute." The kid was Brock. They never met, nor even talked while there, even though Mackie did participate by leading the song, praying, or guiding the scripture. --When Makayla got the opportunity to go on Trek, Brock's parents were assigned as her trek parents. Like the rebel she is though, she "ran away" and ended up not going. There are so many more that shows Brock and Mackie that not only were they supposed to meet, but that they had to meet at the time that they did.

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