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April 19, 2024

Las Vegas, NV
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His & Her Q & A

How did you first meet? -Kev: I met Meghan on my first day on the job when I first moved to the Bay Area. She was the first person to greet me! She was so welcoming and positive… You can feel her energy out the door :) IYKYK. -Meg: I remember looking at my patients’ charts at work and Dr. Gilman (our boss) introduced us at the front desk. Kevin was really quiet and to himself through the day, and I even told my mom on the phone that I thought the new assistant (Kevin) did not like me. Secretly though, I liked his smile from the beginning (: Who was the first to declare their love & how? -Kev: Meghan was the first to say those three special words! She beat me to it. She surprised me with dinner and our server brought out dessert on a plate that read “I love you.” A little background story: I initially told our server that I did not want dessert, but they convinced me otherwise.. Thank goodness haha -Meg: It was me! I surprised Kevin at a fancy steak restaurant and he had no idea that the hostess and our waiter (& possibly the whole staff) were in on all the details. We had a great candle lit dinner and our waiter brought out a dessert of Kevin’s choice that read, “I love you” on the plate (You can see a photo on the "About Us" Section). What was your first date? -Kev: Our very first date was in Oakland, CA. Meghan wanted to take me to a restaurant that overlooked the bay. She surprised me by blind folding me so I could not guess where we were going. Meghan drove across town while I was blind folded in the car. It was only our first date and I had so much trust in her already lol. -Meg: I surprised Kevin on what we call our “first date.” I took him to a fancy Thai restaurant he had been wanting to try in Oakland and then I surprised him and Bruno on a Christmas light drive thru in San Jose. How did you know they were “the one?” -Kev: Meghan and I were friends for about 4-5 years before we even started dating. We talked about everything under the sun, so you can say we knew each other very well when we were just friends. I always felt comfortable around her and she found a way to get me out of my shell no matter what. I knew she was the one because I could be myself around her. -Meg: My love for Kevin developed slowly. I loved him as a friend for 4 years before we even started dating. I started to realize that Kevin was “the one” when I saw how genuine and loving he was towards his friends and family. As we got to know each other as partners, I saw how great of a team we were and I could not help but fall in love with my best friend. How many children do you want? -Kev: I’ll be happy with what God has planned for us. But, if I have to answer the question, I want three since I’m one out of three. I also have a big family, so I guess you can say “the more the merrier.” -Meg: I want two (: What is your spouse’s best personality trait? -Kev: There are many personality traits that I love about Meghan. The two things that stand out right off the bat is her empathy and compassion. If you know Meghan you know that she never falls short in showing empathy when someone needs it. She is always there to give someone her full attention. Also, Meghan’s compassion to go the extra mile to help a friend or family in need is infectious. She has a way of making sure everyone she cares about feels loved and never forgotten. -Meg: Kevin’s loyalty is like no other. I admire his loyalty to the people he loves because when Kevin loves you, he will show it in every way he can. He is also so ambitious. It is amazing how dedicated Kevin is once he puts his mind and heart into his goals. What are you most looking forward to during your wedding? -Kev: I look forward to celebrating mine and Meghan’s love with our friends and family! Also, I cannot wait to see our families come together for this one special night is definitely once in a life time. -Meg: I am so excited to see all of our loved ones celebrating mine and Kevin's love all together!