Update: Watch our ceremony live with our live stream link! https://youtu.be/0Y09L2ncNPI
Update: Watch our ceremony live with our live stream link! https://youtu.be/0Y09L2ncNPI
November 7, 2021
Charleston, South Carolina

Maggie & Marc

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

We wanted to include the most important people in our life on our special day. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people, you will notice that in the size of our wedding party. We couldn't say I do without these amazing people by our side.

Jay Talbert

Father of the Bride

What can a girl say other than he is the best dad a girl can ask for. He has been my teacher, my contractor, my protector, and my partner in crime since birth. To put it simple, he is my best friend.

Carol Talbert

Mother of the Bride

My mom is hands down one of the best role models in my life. She has taught me how to be a strong woman and push through any challenges that I may face. She's truly an amazing mom and one of my best friends in life.

Josie Carafone

Mother of the Groom

Josie is the very definition of a strong, caring mother. Her strength and fighting spirit for Marc during his accident was truly impressive and incredible. Her love for Marc is so apparent and beautiful. She would truly do anything for Marc.

Vinnie Carafone

Father of the Groom

Vinnie is an incredible father to Marc. He has been a great role model and set an example of what hard work looks like. Marc is truly lucky to have such a great father who is always there for him. He has provided an incredible life for Marc.

Sarah Gibson

Matron of Honor

Sarah has been a friend of the bride for years. They met through Maggie's boutique when Sarah hosted a private party. They became fast friends and have been close ever since. Sarah is married with two beautiful children and resides in Kokomo, IN.

Jacklyn Dahn

Matron of Honor

Jacklyn is Maggie's older sister. Jacklyn is married to Steven Dahn and they have Maggie's only niece Daisy Dahn. They reside in Chicago, IL.

Samantha Milburn


Maggie and Samantha have known each other for YEARS. They became close friends over the last 6 years in a tight friend group with bridesmaids Ashlie Miller and Kate Thatcher. The kokomo crew has made the best memories over the last 6 years. Samantha is married to Wes Milburn and has two beautiful children. Samantha resides in Kokomo, IN.

Kate Thatcher


Maggie & Kate met through a mutual friend when Kate was looking for a nanny. Maggie nannied for the Thatcher's for a few years and grew close to the whole family. Kate is part of the Kokomo crew that over the last 6 years has been a close group of gals. Kate is married to Joe Thatcher and has two beautiful children. They reside in Kokomo, IN. PS. Yes, that is Garth Brooks

Ashlie Miller


Ashlie and Maggie met through Kate Thatcher. They have grown close over the last 6 years with the Kokomo crew. Ashlie is married to Drew and have two beautiful girls. They reside in Galvestion, IN and running their farm and our fave local food business, Hoosier Steaks.

Allie Ault


Maggie & Allie met when Maggie was substitute teaching in college. Allie ended up not only becoming an amazing friend, but also a great help in Maggie's boutique, Garish Gal. Allie resides in Kokomo, IN, when she is not staying at Maggie's for endless girls nights!

Shelby Limpert


Shelby and Maggie met while working in the Building Automation industry. Shelby worked for one of Maggie's customers and they became close friends during Maggie's sales visits. Shelby resides in North Olmstead, OH and has a beautiful daughter Savannah with her significant other Adam Horace.

Shara Riemer


Shara and Maggie met when Shara was Maggie's boss at Kensie in NYC. Maggie and Shara spent countless hours working together and becoming close friends. Shara is married to Ron and has two beautiful girls. Shara and her family reside in NYC. Shara will not be able to make the wedding due to family conflicts, but we know she will be there in spirit!

Roxanne Carafone


Roxanne and Maggie met in the hospital a week after Marc's accident. While not the most ideal situation to meet Marc's family, it was still a great start to a friendship. Roxanne is Marc's sister in law and momma to his two cute nephews. Roxanne and Vin live in Foxboro, MA with their two handsome boys.

Juliette Perez


Maggie and Juliette met through a mutual friend when Juliette moved here from Florida. They became close over the last year and during quarantine! Juliette resides in Indianapolis with her boyfriend Tim.

Daisy Dahn

Flower Girl

Daisy is Maggie'e niece and best friend. She resides in Chicago, IL with her mom and dad, Jacklyn & Steven Dahn.

Vincent Carafone

Best Man

Vin is Marc's older brother and best friend. Vin is married to Roxanne and they have two handsome boys. They reside in Foxboro, MA.

Sean Murphy


Marc & Sean have been good friends for years. Sean is married to Kristen and they have two beautiful children, They reside in Walpole, MA.

Steve Valair


Marc and Steve have been good friends since grade school. There is little these two love more than Summer golf. Steve resides in Dorchester, MA with is girlfriend Karissa.

Val Feeney


Marc & Val have been good friends for years. Val is married to Casey and they have two handsome boys. They reside in Walpole, MA.

Matt Bonci


Matt & Marc have been friends since college. These two love to dominate in the Sharon CC Member Guest. Matt is married to Samantha and they have two handsome boys Dominic & Dante, they reside in Wakefield MA.

Greg Vrotsos


Marc & Greg have known each other since grade school. Greg is a talented actor and artist that resides in the Boston Area.

James Soares


Marc and Soares have been great friends for years. James is married to Laura and they have two beautiful girls. They reside in Walpole, MA.

James Killion


Marc and James grew up as neighbors and buddies all through school. James is married to Katie and they have two beautiful children. They reside in Foxboro, MA.

Hamilton & Myles Carafone

Ring Bearer

These two handsome devils are Marc's Nephews--their parents are Roxanne and Vin Carafone.

For all the days along the way
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