Madison & Raul



Raul Perez III


Madison Wilson

August 3, 2024

Echo, OR
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How We Met

Let’s go back to 2009

We were third graders in Mrs. Hill’s class at Desert View Elementary. One day this cutie named Raul asked an adorable Madi to meet him on the basketball court at recess. I (Madi) was very excited because I had a major crush on Raul. As recess comes, we meet at the hoop and Raul asked me “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Now, if any of you know my Dad, you know he would have killed me if I had a boyfriend. So, I politely and gently took his hands and said, “I’m really sorry, but no.” And I left sweet Raul with a broken heart. We didn’t talk again until 2020. 1 year after graduating high school. COVID had just happened and here I am stuck in Hermiston after moving back from college. I’m scrolling through stories on my phone when I see the most handsome guy. It ends up being Raul’s birthday so I decided why not, and added him as a friend! It took us a little to text one another but he made the first move and texted me. From there we knew that we were the one for each other! 🤍

The Proposal

July 2, 2023

On a beautiful Sunday morning, Raul and I went to church and decided to stop by my parents house for a little visit! Little did I know, he was grabbing the ring he had hidden at their house. But he somehow convinced me to go shoot some hoops over at Desert View. I didn’t think anything was up because it was something we both liked to do. What I didn’t understand was why we’d go in our nice Sunday clothes? So I went along with it because I knew he enjoyed basketball. Then he sneakily convinced me to “redo” when he asked me out in third grade. But once we got to the court. He told me how much he loved me and how he couldn’t spend the rest of his life without me. There at the same place where he first asked me out, he got down on one knee. Of course this time I said YES!!!

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