Mackenzie & Dillon


Happily ever after party


Dillon Willson


Mackenzie Heffernan

September 9, 2023

Kremmling, CO

How We Met

The Slap That Brought Us Together

It all started at the most romantic place in the WORLD...... the bar. Kenzie was out with all of her teacher friends on a Thursday night, celebrating the end of the school week. Thats when a very large hispanic man caught Kenzie's best friend's eye. This very large hispanic man ended up being Dillon's best friend, Javi. Dillon happened to see this random teacher checking out his friend and decided to play wing man for Javi. Dillon drunkenly waltzed over and made and Javi and Kenzie's friend start chatting. Keep in mind, Kenzie had a boyfriend at the time and had NO interest in Dillon. Long story short, we ended up over at Dillon's house so our two friends could keep flirting. Kenzie is the WORST dancer in the world, so Dillon decided to teach her how to swing dance. Dillon thought he was being smooth when he dipped her and tried to plant one on her.... WRONG CHOICE. That's when Kenzie slapped him and yelled that she had a boyfriend. You'd think that would be the end of Dillon and Kenzie, right? Well a few months later their paths crossed again when Kenzie was newly single. THE REST IS HISTORY. We may have skipped a few steps here and there, but we wouldn't change it any other way. We can't wait for us to finally get married with our little Reagan by our side. We are excited to share this moment with our closest family and friends!