Lynda & Robert


Robert Holley


Lynda Perry

January 13, 2024

Baltimore, MD
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How We Met

It took a global pandemic to bring Robert and Lynda together, but once they met, they never looked back. Robert "Bobby" Holley and Lynda Perry met online via the dating app Hinge in the winter of 2020. After exchanging messages, they finally met at a restaurant (outside) in the middle of winter. Luckily, the date went well, and Lynda and Robert were on their way. Over the course of the next few months, Lynda and Bobby bonded over travel, board games, and cooking meals. In the absence of restaurants and movie theaters being open, the couple had to make the most of the amenities they had at their disposal. They attribute these circumstances as the basis of their relationship--they truly got to know one another, not a facade. As the pandemic lessened, they continued to travel, met one another's families, and saw each other through personal and professional milestones along the way. As their Love Story continues to evolve, they are so excited to share their joyous day with friends and family!

The Proposal

A random encounter with an investor at a conference in Cape Cod led to the proposal. This investor invited Robert to a sports-business conference in Sacramento, CA in early July. Looking to extend the trip to cover his birthday (July 4th) and get in some much needed "wine time" in Napa Valley, Bobby knew that this trip would be "the one." Arriving in a very cool and dreary San Francisco in early July, spirits quickly improved as the Sprinter van took the investor group to sunny Sacramento. Following the conference, the couple drove to Napa Valley, where they celebrated the birthday and enjoyed some great food and wine. However, Bobby had an even bigger surprise in mind. After leaving Napa, the two drove down the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, stopping in beautiful Half Moon Bay. There, by the cliffside, with the rolling waves of the vast Pacific Ocean crashing against the beach, Robert took a knee and asked Lynda to be his wife. She happily accepted, and the couple knew that a wonderful page in their Love Story had been written.