Amanda & John

we can't wait to see you on the biggest day of our lives

Curved Lines

Amanda Luna


John Banks

October 21, 2023

San Antonio, TX
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It began the way all stories do...

It was a dark and stormy night.

Just kidding, this isn't that kind of story! We would like to share our own experience for how our love story happened. Mandi: John and I met during Senior Year of High School. We only had one class together (Dental) and truth be told... I probably did more drawing than learning in that class. John was the nerd who was slightly intimidating and the only time we really talked was when I was trying to show him my cool drawings I had been working on. But he was nice enough. It wasn't until after High School that we really became close. I knew that I liked you, but the timing wasn't right. Young people always have problems, and we were no different. We eventually went our separate ways. Our lives continued on and eventually... you were in my mind. It was at that time that our paths crossed again... Maybe I forced them to cross a little bit, but they they crossed and that's all that matters. I sent you an email, hoping you were still using the same email address from years before, and you responded. We agreed to get coffee... and 9 years later here we are. John: