Lucy & Charles


Lucy Clarke


Charles Foster


September 16, 2023

Providence, RI
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His Story...

The Girl From the Bank.

Working as a manager for a business you can find yourself going to the bank 2 or 3 times a week. Depositing money or getting coins, and over time you become friendly with the tellers you see these numerous trips to the bank. However there was one teller who was always went out of her way to say hello, smiling the second I walk through the door, just a ray of sunshine! One day her co-worker had seen enough and asked if we could exchange numbers. After talking and spending some time together I knew I had found something special but would never have imagined being where we are today. As more time passed and we spent more and more time together, always being on the same page, I knew I had found the person I wanted to be my forever.

Her Story...

Looking forward to our future! :)

Chip would come into the bank with a grin every time, eventually, I told my coworker how cute he was. Chip was managing a local pizza restaurant, with a full bar. That day Chip and I exchanged numbers, our first date flew by. Attending parties together, going out for drinks, staying in to hang, always better when Chip's around. A few weeks after our first date I was going home to RI to visit, I stopped into the pizza place to say bye to Chip. A quick conversation and a wave goodbye (awkward new relationship things). As I was walking towards my car the back entrance opened and Chip came running out and said: "I wanted a kiss before you left, I'll miss you". At that moment I knew he was special. Looking forward to the life we will create together, I am a lucky human.

Our Story

The Tale of Two Good Eggs

We met in college years ago, mutual friends, similar hangout spots, and favorite bars weren't enough to bring us together. Through conversations at the bank and dates around town, we realized how in sync we are. A snowy day in February Chip went snowboarding with some friends in VT, his car died in the storm. Lucy drove to Vermont to pick him up, only to find the storm was too dangerous. After a stressful day, we found ourselves staying at an inn, snowed in, and happy to be safe. Chip decided it was time to ask Lucy to marry him, we celebrated with mac n cheese and champagne from the gas station across the street. Moving to Rhode Island in 2021 we have found new jobs and a new home. We look forward to our future together, excited to see what life brings our way. Thank you to all who come to celebrate with us!