Stephanie & Kyle

Wedding Party

Stephanie Lovelace


Stephanie was born and raised in North Carolina. Then she moved to Washington, and Texas, and then back to North Carolina. She loves animals, baseball, coffee, and kids. Stephanie teaches Special Education at Kings Mountain Intermediate School where she tries to convince 5th and 6th grade kids that they really do need to learn math. In the summertime she enjoys hanging out by the pool and going to concerts. Some of her favorite things about Kyle is his love of sports and history, and how he's usually able to convince her to not worry so much about things.

Kyle Rosenthal


Kyle is a born and raised product of the Jersey Shore. He works for Charlotte Mecklenberg Police Department and will start academy in June. Kyle has successfully convinced Stephanie that the best pizza, bagels, and chicken parm sandwiches are only ever found in Jersey, but he still likes going to every deli and Italian market in driving distance to continue the search.

Katherine Torres

Maid of Honor

Katherine is Stephanie's 15 year old daughter. She is a student at Kings Mountain High School where she's a member of the track team. Katherine enjoys running, weight lifting, welding, 90's rap, and teaming up with Steve against Kyle.

Matt Harris

Best Man

Sid is one of Kyle's best friends. He's known him since elementary school. He's been there for everything and supported him through it all. They've had lots of memorable times together... And lots of times that neither of them are able to remember. Matt has the tattoo to prove it happened, though. Stephanie couldn't wait to see Matt in person, just to see if he really does look like Sid the Sloth.

Kim Horn


Kim is Stephanie's oldest sister. She's the person who is not only most likely to be the reason Stephanie ends up in jail one day, but also most likely the one to post bail. They both work for the same school district to make sure they have maximum concert and pool time together.

Steven Munoz


Steven is Kyle's Stepbrother. He is basically identical to Steve in personality, He is married to Dana who is a saint. Together they have Carson who is the ring bearer. Steven is passionate about his Jets, Mets, Devils, and Nets. When he is not screaming at the TV over the game he is also yelling at it over the Bachelor when him and Dana are watching it.

Krystle Detwiler


While living in Washington, Stephanie can remember Krystle's husband (Justin) telling her about meeting this awesome Italian girl that he was pretty sure he was gonna marry someday. Well it's a good thing he did, because Stephanie got a built in best friend for life. The ladies live a lot closer now that the Detwiler's have moved to Ohio, and Stephanie's definitely using the wedding as an excuse to show them even more reasons why they should just move to North Carolina. Krystle is Stephanie's book reading, sushi loving twin in most ways... Stephanie doesn't even hold it against her that she doesn't drink coffee!

Anthony Jones


Anthony and Kyle have known eachother since elementary school. The two have been there for eachother since the beginning. They have made lots of memories from Nosecreek, Matt getting a tattoo on his hand. Even sharing June 24 which is Kyle's Birthday and Anthony's Wedding anniversary. Anthony is married to Kinga who is originally from Poland so he is learning Polish currently and they have a Golden Retriever named Ollie

Douglas Lovelace

Father of the Bride

Douglas is the (almost always) proud dad of Stephanie. He made her sit and cry through every math question in middle school just so she could grow up to teach middle school math. He gave her an amazing taste in music, a love of history, and a wicked sense of humor. Really, he's just hoping that Kyle can keep all of his girls out of trouble on concert nights in Charlotte.

Steve Munoz

Stepfather of the Groom

Steve is Kyle Stepfather. He came into his life 10 years when he started dating Audrey. Steve is there for Kyle, even when he's on him about going the gym or running. Steve is also the jokester... or so he thinks. If you want to get him talking about the good ol' days asking about his football and baseball playing and he might pull out his tapes.

Sandra Lovelace

Mother of the Bride

Sandra is Stephanie's mother. She holds all the calm and quiet genes that obviously skipped right over the next couple generations. She will definitely try to feed everyone that's here way too much.

Audrey Munoz

Mother of the Groom

Audrey is Kyle's mom. She is the strongest woman he knows. She helped mold Kyle into the man he is today. According to Stephanie and everyone else, she is the hostess with the mostest. She is also a saint for dealing with the daily schennagians of Steve. If you need to find her just look for Carson. He's probably on her lap or yelling for Grandma Audrey.

Kalisa Norman


Kalisa is more than Stephanie's "work person", she's also one of her very best friends. We won't discuss how Kalisa became ordained. Only that we checked, and she is a legal eagle. Stephanie always joked and told Kalisa that if she ever found "Mr. Right" then Kalisa would be the one to marry them. Well, Kyle fit the bill, and Kalisa is here to seal the deal.