Lizzy & Anthony



Lizzy Nguyen


Anthony O’Brien

May 30, 2024

Florence, Tuscany
173 days173 d2 hours2 h1 minute1 min31 seconds31 s

The App That's Meant to be Deleted

Our Story - To Lizzy, Love Anthony

INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT ANTHONY (22) sits at a small table in a crowded restaurant. Music, small-talk, and clangs from the kitchen all create a constant HUM. In front of him: an empty seat. His leg bounces up and down as he reads the menu. WAITER Is it just you tonight, sir? Or are you waiting on another? ANTHONY Waiting for one more. (pause) I hope she’s real. His eyes widen as he reveals two crossed fingers. WAITER Right... (confused) Well I’ll stop by once she gets here, okay? ANTHONY Sounds good. Sorry, it’s just our first da-- The waiter is gone before he can finish his thought. Alone again, he takes out his phone and snaps a picture of the empty seat. He sends a text to his friends: “Hinge is lame. She’s a no-show... maybe even a bot.” His phone chimes. He reads a text across the screen: “Chill out. You’re like 20 minutes early.” Before he can text back-- WOMAN (V.O.) Hello! Anthony looks up. LIZZY (22) stands before him. Not only does she appear real, she is absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful bot to ever exist. LIZZY It’s nice to meet you. He stands to hug her. A smile crawls across his face. Anthony would soon find that she was in fact real, and that she was everything that he could ever ask for. FADE TO BLACK:

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