Lisa & Andrew

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September 14, 2024

Gray, ME
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How We Met

Love at First Swipe

Like many millennial love stories, we met on Hinge. We had our first date at a taqueria in Manayunk. Lisa got there early to have a pre-date margarita and Andrew rolled in late wearing a banana-patterned shirt that was unbuttoned way too low, no matter what Andrew will try to tell you. Maybe it was the margarita talking but Lisa gave him a shot anyway, knowing it would take a pretty amazing person to be worth giving up her self-depricating single jokes. After realizing how natural the conversation was, we both knew it had the potential to be something really special and we haven't looked back since. Five years later, we own a home right up the street from our first date spot with our dog, Rusty, and are excited to continue building our life together starting with our wedding in Andrew's home state.

The Proposal

She 'Had No Idea'

Lisa was studying abroad in Copenhagen for the summer. Andrew's plan was to come over at the end so we could take a vacation together. Lisa had a feeling the proposal was coming, but Andrew to this day thinks he pulled of a huge surprise (tell that to Lisa's fresh manicure and tan). We stayed in a small town called Dragør one night because it was a special place to Lisa during the summer. After dinner, we went on a beach walk and Andrew asked Lisa to marry him. A stray cat slipped under Andrew's knee while he was proposing and followed us all the way back to the hotel. We had the best time celebrating the next day at a sauna on the Baltic Sea.

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