Lindsey & JB


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JB Mulvey


Lindsey Hodgkins

August 19, 2023

Sebago, ME

Our story so far...

We met while both working at Lyft's Corporate Office in Nashville, TN. We sat across from each other, and I believe our first interaction was probably in regards to the volume at which JB was playing Taylor Swift. Our office friendship grew, and eventually we both realized there may be more than just an office friendship, the only problem, timing was not on our side. I was moving to Charleston, SC for an internship for my graduate program. While we did not live in Nashville together, we both still worked for Lyft and stayed in touch. I traveled back to Nashville in December for Lyft's Holiday Party and again, realized there was more than just a now long distance office friendship. That long distance office friendship, turned into a long distance relationship for the first 9 months while I finished my internship and eventually moved back to Nashville. After living in Nashville together for a few years, we decided it was time to move back to New England to be closer to family. Since moving back we (myself, JB, Banks and Maizie) have settled into an apartment we love in Portsmouth, NH. We have both found jobs that we love, that also allow us to spend more time at home with Banks and Maizie. We now get to enjoy four seasons, JB has turned Lindsey into a skier and Lindsey has slowly turned JB into a beach lover. Our story has been developing over the last almost 5 years and we are so excited to keep writing it as we enter into our next chapter.

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