Lindsey & Andrei


We're getting married!

Lindsey Skinner


Andrei Bubnov

August 19, 2023

Lompoc, CA

Andrei and Lindsey's proposal (Dodgers swept the Giants that weekend)

Our Story

A tale as old as time! A sorority girl and fraternity guy walk into a party...

Andrei and Lindsey both met each other while attending college at the University of California, Riverside. Andrei in his last quarter of college and Lindsey in her sophomore year. After rushing a sorority, mutual friends and sorority sisters of Lindsey introduced the two. Since Lindsey basically moved into her friend Janny's (now Matron of Honor) house down the street from Andrei, the two would always spend time together. Pretty soon a friendship turned into a crush, and a crush turned into a date at the Lakers vs Warriors game (Warriors won that one; RIP KOBE). Although at the time the two were dating it was never established that they were boyfriend and girlfriend (he never officially asked). After this realization hit Andrei, he got on the phone with his friend Matt, now groomsman, (on speaker phone with Lindsey there) asking what is the best way to ask her to be his girlfriend. He couldn't keep that a surprise but luckily managed to keep the engagement a secret just under 9 years later (about time!). They celebrated this new and official relationship by watching the Giants play the Dodgers (Giants won and so did Andrei). Not too long after, all the pool hangouts, taco Tuesdays, and Kings Cup games during their college prime had came to an end when Andrei moved back to San Francisco. The two continued their relationship doing long distance while Lindsey finished her last two years of college. Luckily San Francisco was just under an hour flight to Riverside or a 7 / 8 hour drive. Andrei still made it to all of Lindsey's sorority semis and formals and Lindsey made the drive up plenty of times. The two made it a point to see each other at least once a month. Long distance was hard for the two but with Skype (pre COVID... no fun video chat apps) and phone calls, plus great communication, the couple got through it. Once Lindsey finished college, she went up to visit Andrei and actually ended up staying with him in the Bay Area for what has now been about 6 years. During their time together in San Francisco, the two enjoyed exploring the city, eating at the best places, and made it a point to see a baseball or football game when USC or the Dodgers were in town. The two actually enjoyed lockdown during COVID, being able to spend more time together working from home, playing board games, cooking more together, and making the best of the world's situation. As lockdown mandates were lifted and life was going back to normal, the two of course had to catch another baseball game. Just like cats and dogs LA and SF have some of the biggest rivalries. So imagine everyone's surprise when a Giants fan got down on one knee (or in this case two knees...nerves really got to him) to propose to a Dodger fan! Just like their first date as an official couple at a Giants v. Dodger game, Andrei asked Lindsey to marry him (Dodgers won that game and so did this couple). Luckily their love has helped them over come those huge rivalries, difficulties with long distance, the lockdown, and much more. Now finally, the two are tying the Knot on August 19, 2023! We can't wait to celebrate our love and commitment with you all!

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