Lindsay & Tom


Tom Klotz


Lindsay Jodoin

September 30, 2023

Baltimore, MD
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How we met

Lindsay and Tom first met in 2015 while taking "Politics of Religion" at the University of Maryland, College Park. Tom was impressed by Lindsay's vast knowledge of the Middle East, and when he saw her at a party that weekend, he walked straight up to her to introduce himself. Lindsay fell for Tom pretty hard, but Tom was playing the field. He just transferred to UMD, and Lindsay was moving to Jordan, so give him a break! They lost touch for four years. In 2019, Tom was scrolling on instagram and noticed Lindsay was living in DC; he couldn't help himself but slide into her DM's. By date #3, Tom asked her if she was looking for something serious. The next day, Lindsay ghosted Tom. It turned out she wasn't quite ready. Oh, how the tables turned! Another year passed, COVID rocked the world, and Lindsay thought, was that Tom guy the one? So she reached back out in November 2020 and asked him if he was still interested. Of course, he was, and they immediately picked up where they had left off—moving quickly to make things official on New Year's Day 2021, moving in together in the summer of 2021, and getting engaged in July 2022. It turns out he was the one.