Lindsay & Jenna

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Jenna Maurer


Lindsay Morrison

June 15, 2024

Castleton, VT
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The Proposal


We proposed to each other on top of a mountain after a long hike, are you surprised? However, there was some surprise in this story for some. Lindsay spent the week leading up to the big day throwing Jenna off the scent with the help of friends Ashley, Brian, Eric, and Courtney. Jenna thought the weekend was going to be a chill hang up at the Morrison (Diehl) family land in Maine, but Brian's last minute "illness" led to a "pivot" to a hike in New Hampshire. Jenna was fighting the early stages of a cold but rallied for the 10 mile round trip hike, including an ascent up Flume slide, a brutal 1,500 ft slab incline over 0.75 miles. After cresting Flume, traversing the ridge, and finally summitting Liberty, Lindsay found [thankfully the right] ledge for a quick lookout. Here, she dropped her knee and popped the question. Mysterious onlookers from afar could be heard shouting, "kiss her like you mean it!" After a few seconds of confusion from the shock, Jenna caught on and realized the onlookers were friends and camera crew Eric and Zoe. She gathered herself together and proposed back while the camera pair descended from their wind-sheltered perch underneath the Mt. Liberty summit. Once reunited, the group celebrated with Champagne, Hazy Little Things, and hugs before descending the mountain and joining Courtney and baby Maya at a local brewery.

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