Lincy & Walt


Walt Witt


Lincy Reynolds

Summer 2023
Spring Hill, TN

Our Story

Lincy and Walt met in the summer of 2021 at WellSpring Christian Church. It was a seemingly ordinary Sunday morning until the Connections Minister and friend, Scott Hancock, saved Lincy from sitting in the back of the auditorium and brought her to the third row where his family and Walt were seated. Despite having just been introduced, Walt left the auditorium after the service and promptly asked Scott “who was that!” For the next several months, two shy strangers became more and more acquainted through church functions. The group from the third row began having dinners together. The first of which featured Walt making way too much rice trying to impress Lincy and a flirty game of Blurt. Lincy also joined the Hudelson life group that Walt attended on Tuesday nights. Here they learned so much about God, themselves, and each other going through the Rooted study. On October 9, 2022, Walt finally worked up the courage to ask Lincy on a date. Following the Sunday service that day, Walt asked to walk Lincy to her car and she said yes. One down, he thought. When they arrived at the car, he asked if she would like to go on a date and she said yes again! To say that he was excited was an understatement. He walked back into the church where friends Amy and Traci were waiting to hear the news. On October 20th, they had their first date. Many of the subsequent dates were in a park spent walking hand in hand and talking. It was a simple yet beautiful courtship filled with so many laughs. Following a spring break trip to Denver, Walt picked Lincy up from the airport on March 21, 2022. When they arrived at her house on that early morning, they sat down in the entryway greeting the cats and sharing affection. During a hug, Walt whispered the words “I love you” into Lincy’s ear. Lincy responded with “I love you too!” On January 1st, 2023, Walt whispered again into Lincy’s ear during a New Year’s party. This time, it was the lyrics to Better Together which they were dancing to and a proposal to marry him. And she said yes!