Lillie & Steven

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Steven Eberhardt


Lillie Wilder


June 15, 2024

Sequim, WA
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How We Met


Steven and I met at our old college job at Walmart. At the time, he worked in the electronics department, and I was a cashier. The funny thing is that we started together in 2014 when the store officially opened, but we never knew each other until 2017. Steven was sitting by himself at one of the tables in the break room during his break, and I decided to sit at his table. He was watching a show on his phone, and I asked him what he was watching. He responded, " Gotham." I had never heard of it, and he was shocked. I was in a film course at the time, which helped lead some of our conversations during the hour-long lunch break. By the end, we both concluded we were movie aficionados.

The Proposal


It started by celebrating Steven graduating from Basic Military Training with the Air Force. I want to add by saying thank you to everyone who has been a part of his military journey, and every one of us is so proud and excited to see where this opportunity takes you, Steven! After spending quality time with family along the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, Steven and I head back to a nice room to let Steven catch up on some much-needed sleep and relaxation. Many proposals are a more public celebration between two people; ours was more intimate as it was just between us. In all honesty, I value that more than some overly expensive venue or intimidating public display. For us, it is always so relaxing to come home to one another, and in a way, that was accomplished by our reuniting, catching up, and, the best part, having Steven ask, "Will you marry me?"