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November 3

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Love at Work

Love and Other Drugs

TLDR:: There was a Wisconsin boy who's hair was red; The girl with the big glasses is "cute," he said; Engaged under Luna; She'll be a Mahuna; In Asheville they are soon to be newly-wed! We locked eyes from across the cubicles at the FDA. We knew that when we spent over 10 hours a day with each other, constantly laughing, challenging each other to rubber band duels, flopping pizza on the ground, debating grandiloquent words-of-the-day, and becoming trivia buffs...(and working, of course) it was meant to be. Then COVID hit, our lives changed drastically: we kayaked and hiked and cooked exotic foods and made balloon animals [Josh has a future career?]. But what didn't change was our need to spend every waking second together. We toured the country and even went international! I got Josh to finally eat fish! His one flaw, now resolved. Fast forward 2-1/2 years at the Brooklyn Bridge, he proposed and I cried--ok let's be real, he cried--and I said: YES! And the rest is history. Join us in celebrating many more years together in happiness!!