Sara & Dustin


We’re getting married!!!


Dustin Sisoutham


Sara Light


October 22, 2023

McKinney, TX
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How did we meet?

We TECHNICALLY met dancing when a mutual friend pulled Dustin over and said he should dance with me. This happened twice within a 6 months of each other. We danced both times and went our separate ways since we both were in relationships. About a year later, we both swiped right and began our relationship by discussing the “ideal” treehouse. 😂 Our first date was at Wise Guys Pizza then we sat on the bed of his truck for a few hours just talking. We learned a lot about each other and I got about 100 mosquito bites on my legs.

The Proposal (Sara’s side)


I had just gotten off work on a Friday night. Dustin cooked dinner while I showered and put on my comfy clothes. Dustin made steak, roasted potatoes, and sautéed vegetables (so good). After dinner, Dustin asked me if I was happy. I said “yes of course”. He asked “no are you REALLY happy”. I was confused but answered “yyyeeessss??” Before I could say anything else, he says “well there’s no better time to do this.” He got down on one knee and said “Sara Christine, will you marry me?” And just like that, sitting at home in pajamas with wet hair I became engaged. 😂🥰

The Proposal (Dustin’s side)


I had ordered the ring about a month prior and was hoping to purpose on my birthday, but due to a size error it got pushed to the week after. When I got the notification that it arrived, I didn’t have a plan. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to ask that day because, why wait? So I went and bought steak and potatoes to cook as well as some flowers. The entire time I was so nervous through dinner. I asked if she was really happy then I asked if she would marry me. And she said yes!

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