Lelia & Ashton







November 18, 2023

Deland, Florida
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"We can't wait to have our closest family and friends all together to make the best day of our lives that much more special!"

How we met

November 13, 2020

Ashton & Lelia were an online dating success story. They met on eHarmony when Lelia mistakenly clicked ice breaker, prompting her to choose favorites from a selection of photos. Ashton received the request via the app he had not used in over 6 months, chose his photos, and the website determined....they were not a match. Ashton argued that all the photos were desirable and wanted a do-over. After messaging for a week, they decided to go on their first date. Ashton & Lelia officially met on Friday the 13th at Agave Azul in Winter Park. It was Ashton's first ever online date, where he arrived wearing a boot due to a broken pinky toe. Lelia brought him a roll of caution tape to put around the console table that "jumped out in front of him". Their nerves calmed before the empanada appetizer could even arrive. The conversation quickly changed from Ashton's geeky questions, like "what is your Starbucks order?", to a dialogue between two people that seem to have met many times before. Lelia jokes it was the best $39.95 she ever spent. They both agree God took his sweet time but he had a plan for them to meet.

The Engagement

September 1, 2022

Nearly 9 months after questioning Lelia on her perfect ring, Ashton finally was ready to pop the question. He knew their mutual love of travel was the best way to do it, but having done an adventurous trip to Peru earlier that year, international wasn't an option. He decided on Key West. The flights were purchased, the hotel was booked, Ashton's excel spreadsheet itinerary was complete with 3hr block timeslots and a list of alternate options. Life threw some curve balls, but Ashton's suspicious persistence to get to Key West worked out. On Wednesday, Ashton & Lelia enjoyed dancing at Sloppy Joes, walking Duval, finding good food, and laying out by the hotel pool. Thursday was the day. Ashton had a plan of 3 locations and hoped one would present itself as the right opportunity. With the ring in his pocket they started their day. First up was a nice breakfast, then off to the lighthouse. Bust #1. Lelia and her fear of falling had no intentions on climbing a lighthouse in 90 degree heat. Next up was the Hemingway house. Bust #2. Something about touring the house of a man with multiple wives and many more lovers wasn't setting a happily ever after scenario. Last up was the sunset sail (tickets bought at 1pm that same day). After making their way out of the harbor, the setting was looking perfect. Ashton was going to sneak his way over to edge of the boat, sunset behind them, smoothly ask someone to take a photo (whispering to them to take a video) , and get on one knee. Instead, the entire side of the boat looking at the sunset filled with people. Another picturesque corner was occupied only by an elderly gentleman so Ashton asked "Would you mind if we took a photo here?". The gentleman obliged and put his arm around Ashton. Luckily his granddaughter stepped in and explained more clearly. She even offered to take the photo. Ashton whispered the video suggestion and went over to pose. After failing to distract Lelia, as he pulled the ring out of his pocket, Ashton got on one knee. Before he could speak, Lelia noticed the crowd looking and reacted with "no!....I mean...yes!....I mean, go ahead!". After finally asking the question she said yes. The captain gave them the nautical coordinates to remember the moment and the rest was history. Ashton proceeded to grab a beer to settle the nerves. N 24 33.785’ W 81 48. 307’