The Miller-Libman Wedding

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March 9, 2024

Chicago, IL

Our Story

Est. 2015

Cody and Jenna's story started at the University of Illinois College of Law in 2015, when Cody was hot off a Northwestern baseball injury (and wearing a bright purple hip brace), and when Jenna had just moved to the Midwest from Connecticut. Between classes together, the law school softball league (which Jenna failed miserably at, but looked cute while doing it), and bar reviews, Cody and Jenna found themselves spending more and more time together. When Jenna unexpectedly ended up in the hospital, Michelle Miller walked into her room to find Cody visiting, and was immediately charmed. Although Jenna insisted she and Cody were just friends, her mother was convinced they would end up together. Shortly after, Jenna got stuck at O'Hare Airport after a snowstorm cancelled her flight home for Thanksgiving. Unsure what to do, she took a chance and asked Cody if she could stay with him and his family before her flight the next day. The Libmans, of course, agreed to welcome Jenna into their home. Jenna set off to meet them, but not before her mother told her she should probably try to look presentable because she could be meeting her future in-laws. The two remained friends throughout their first year of law school, and with time and Jenna's patience, they finally got together. Cody met Jenna's family (with a quick "told you so" from her mother), and Jenna met Cody's--again! They graduated law school together in 2018, and moved to Chicago.

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