Leslie & Tyronne


Tyronne Plunkett


Leslie Maddison


July 22, 2023

South Pasadena, CA
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How we met

September 5, 2021

Ty: We met on the sunny beach of Dockweiler for a church singles event. I was accompanied by a brother named Antonio. My goal was aimed at building friendships and having fun that day. As I approached the beach I met Leslie and Tanasha. Initially Antonio talked with Leslie and I talked to Tanasha. I eventually found myself chatting with Leslie which I thought would be for a few minutes to lasting the whole night. I was blowed away by our conversation. We got vulnerable really quickly and shared our lives. I even offered to roast her marshmallows that night. At the end of the night, Leslie had mentioned that there was a brother Bryce G who was in town DJ’ing for a Labor Day event. She asked if me and Antonio would be interested in going. Without having to ask her for her number Leslie asked if she could have my number to send the flyer. Les: Originally I wasn’t even supposed to be in California that weekend. I was planning on going to Philly, but that plan fell through and I decided to go to California. It just happened to be the same weekend Bryce G was having a labor day taco party so it was decided! The day I met Ty I honestly didn’t want to go to that singles event. My friend Tanasha invited me to it and she said we would only stay for 15min. Once I met Ty, we were there for hours! I invited him and Antonio to the taco party and they actually came. The rest- is history :-).

How we started dating

December 17, 2021

Les: After I met Ty we talked more and more through text and then eventually daily phone calls. Early on I saw his heart for God and his character and started to like him early on, but I didn’t know if he like me for a while. The second time I saw him in person we went out to Roscoe’s where he finally told me he liked me. In December he flew to New York to “visit”. I planned to take him all over New York in a short amount of time. As we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge he told me he had a letter to read to me. He read it to me in City Hall on the Manhattan side and asked me out. What he didn’t know is that years prior I had always admired this spot in city hall and thought it was the perfect place to ask someone out or propose. He didn’t plan the location. God is good! Ty: That weekend flying out to New York was exciting. It was my first time being in the city. I remember showing up to LAX 3 hours early because I didn’t want to miss my flight. I called Tanasha and told her I was at the airport early and she laughed at me. She told me I was “getting my woman.” I was met by Leslie at the airport and eventually stayed with some brothers in Brooklyn. What Leslie didn’t know was that I was already planning to ask her to be my girlfriend with some of her friends. I still remember the look on Leslie’s face as she gazed upon me asking her out. Her eyes pierced with mines as we continued our love journey.

The Proposal

January 21, 2023

Les: By this point I had already moved to California from New York. I was eagerly anticipating this proposal, but I thought it would’ve happened on the year mark of us dating or Christmas. When neither happened I figured… New Year’s Eve?! Nope. He set me up though. He had me plan a double date with George, but it seemed like George had everything planned out and I felt like I wasn’t helping to plan as much as I thought I should. The Getty museum was beautiful! The day was a beautiful sunshiny day. Once I saw my best friend and parents start to appear unexpectedly I was sobbing! Of course I said yes! So excited to marry Ty. Ty: It was so difficult to have bought the ring and see it just sitting in my home and having to wait to ask Leslie to be my wife. So much anticipation! But I pledged in my heart that I would not give any hints. Even when it became unbearable and me and Leslie anticipated marriage, I gave no hints. I encouraged Leslie to wait on God’s timing and treasured the experience leading up our magical moment. What was so special was asking Leslie’s dad for her hand in marriage. It was his first time going through that experience. I mean what do you say when a man is asking your daughter to be his wife? Nevertheless we talked on the phone and shared in that experience together. I remember when I saw Leslie for the first time that day, I felt like I was seeing someone different. It was a surreal experience. Everything about that day went as planned. God definitely showed out with the weather that day as it had been raining for the past few weeks. To say the least, I was so nervous I forgot to get down on one knee. Good thing I had the support of friends and family who helped me out.