Vanessa & Leonard






September 24, 2023

Loveland, OH
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Our Story

“He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the lord” Proverbs 18:22. Leonard, a young man with vision, found himself doing quite well in his career, but he had a strong feeling that something was missing. He took a fruitful trip, and a wise birdy told him about a beautiful, intelligent, and focused young woman. Leo knew he had to make a move. He constructed and sent a very proper and grammar filled message, and to his slight annoyance, got no reply. On the other end, the young lady, Vanessa, wondered to herself, “who is this flashy guy with all this protocol and English? I beg!” Luckily, that wise birdy had also whispered a few details about our eligible bachelor to Vanessa. So, she pondered on the wisdom of the bird and the tales of our bachelor, and she decided to answer her phone when he called. After two or three conversations, she called her sister and said, “he’s very type A, but my spirit tells me I’m going to marry him.” Her sister was quite confused, but here we are a year later! The groom KNEW after 5 months, a man of discernment. The hand of God is involved. “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder” Mark 10:9. VBN and LTT