Thy & Leon

April 30, 2023


Thy Pham


Leon Chung

April 30th, 2023 @ 4:30pm - 10:30pm
Pleasanton, CA

Our Story

It all began in 2018 when Thy and Leon first met as colleagues in a dental course in Sacramento. Slowly, their conversations turned from dentistry to hiking and date nights. Leon would drive 2 hours just so they can hang out. He was drawn to her warm, kind, and sometime cheeky personality while she could not help but noticed his silly jokes, energetic charms and sincere heart. Fast forward a year, at the Yiruma’s live concert, they hold hand for the first time… and the rest is history. It wasn’t long before they knew that they’d be together for the long haul. They both love travelling, exploring new restaurants, spending quality time with their families and friends, cheering on the Warriors, and could talk for hours about anything. On August 2021, Leon surprised Thy with a proposal after her work and she said yes! At the beginning of 2022, with excitement, they opened their dental practice together in Pleasanton. It has taken a year to begin wedding planning due to the almighty Coronavirus, but we are here now and are so excited to spend the culmination of five years of hard work, laughs, tears and whole lot of love together with all of YOU! We truly appreciate all of your love and support over the last five years and are so grateful to give you all a day of fun, food, dancing and drinks-which hopefully none of us will ever forget. With love, Thy & Leon