Lelia & Joseph


Lelia Ledain


Joseph Leeman

March 23, 2024

Vero Beach, FL

Our Story

Once upon a time in New York City, Lelia and Joe met on Coffee Meets Bagel. They are still not really sure what that means, or who is who, but it will always be where their story begins. Lelia and Joe had never actually gone on a date through this app before but this one time in 2018 the stars aligned and Joe asked her to drinks. There was something different about this match. She thought he attended Columbia Business School. And he thought a lawyer wouldn't be interested in dating a marine turned college student and uber driver. They were both wrong. They met at the Press Lounge and even though Joe completely overdressed, which Lelia of course pointed out, they were both extremely impressed by the other. Just a few short months later, their unexpected and whirlwind romance truly felt like a fairy tale. But as with all fairy tales, a storm was brewing unbeknownst to the happy couple. And after nine months, forces beyond their control managed to push them apart. But because they were meant to be, fate brought them back together. To win her heart a second time, Joe shared his skills and taught the city girl how to drive, which later came in handy for their many road trips and adventures in DC, Maine, Atlanta and beyond. Then COVID struck. But the two of them knew, quarantine will be great if this story is true. And it was. Somehow working and living together in a tiny New York City apartment brought them even closer together. Two years later, they couldn't ever imagine their lives without each other again. He started planning in June and by October, Joe proposed with the city lights behind her. Lelia said yes. Now they are getting their happily ever after. ~And we cannot wait to celebrate with you all, our amazing friends and family!!!~

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