Hannah & Connor


Connor Ogden


Hannah Leavy

August 26, 2023

Denver, CO
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How We Met

We met shortly after Connor moved to Colorado when we were in 7th grade. We had band and one or two other classes together, and became friends very quickly after meeting. Fast forward to senior year, and we were put in the same homeroom after not having any classes together and not seeing each other at all the prior school year. We started talking and hanging out again in school, and the rest is history.

The Proposal


We drove up to the Rampart overlook in Woodland Park, which was a common spot we went to to hang out and sometimes do some stargazing. We stargazed and started talking about whatever was on our minds (life, mostly). That night, there were a few shooting stars because of the meteor showers that month, and then Connor started asking questions about rings. He then said, "About that ring..." and pulled out a small white box, and now we're engaged!