Leah & Vinson

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We're getting married!


Leah Deutsch


Vinson Sack

October 5, 2024

Purcellville, VA
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Our Story

Leah and Vinnie's love story traces back to their high school days at Broad Run, where they first crossed paths in their freshman year geometry class. Although it took some time, Vinnie finally gathered the courage to not only ask Leah to be his girlfriend but to do it in front of the whole school by grabbing the microphone at their junior year homecoming. His boldness paid off and they started dating.   After they graduated, college sent them on separate paths. Leah headed to Charleston, South Carolina, while Vinnie stayed in Virginia. The challenge of a long-distance relationship loomed, but they navigated this period with unwavering commitment and love. Constant texts, calls, and FaceTime ‘sleepovers’ became their lifelines. Luckily, Charleston proved to be a beautiful vacation spot and Vinnie took every opportunity to visit whenever he could. Despite the distance, their bond grew stronger, and they forged unforgettable memories. Turns out the saying is true: Distance does make the heart grow fonder.   Charleston continued to serve as a pivotal place in their relationship where, after eight years of dating, Vinnie FINALLY proposed to Leah. After a day of wandering around the city, Vinnie had arranged a romantic dinner at High Cotton restaurant at the very same table where The Notebook was filmed (or so he claims). Throughout the meal, Leah playfully teased “I really thought you were going to propose to me today!” causing Vinnie to sweat and think ‘she knows’. After dinner, they took a taxi bike ride through the city, ending by the water at a spot known as The Battery. To Leah’s surprise, they arrived at a gazebo decorated with flowers, candles, and a beautiful ring placed prominently in the center. Vinnie got on one knee, and well you know the rest (she said yes!).   Leah & Vinnie can’t wait for their love story to continue and for each of you to be a part of the celebration in October 2024!