Leah & Jimmy

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Jimmy Ryan


Leah Rafferty



June 24

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How We Met

Leah and Jimmy both attended Henry Sibley AKA Two Rivers High School. Since Jimmy was a few years older, they didn't cross paths often. However, that didn't stop Leah from shooting her shot on Jimmy's Facebook wall in the early 2010s. Little did Leah know, Jimmy always had a crush on her. Fast forward to 2018. Moose Country (the local watering hole) recently closed down and there was nowhere to come together for Black Wednesday. One of Jimmy's oldest friends decided to step up and host a gathering to ensure the long standing 'Moosegiving' tradition didn't die. Leah heard Jimmy was going to be there and because of this, insisted on going. Meanwhile, Jimmy was also thinking about who might be in attendance that night. While getting ready for the night with a friend, Jimmy mentioned hoping that Leah would be there as well. Once the party began, it wasn't long before Leah and Jimmy started talking. That night, they exchanged phone numbers and have been talking everyday since.