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Leah Spellberg


Jeremy Brown

June 2, 2024

Chicago, IL

Leah & Jeremy's Story

Leah & Jeremy's love story began senior year at the University of Michigan when they first met at Beer Olympics during welcome week. Leah was on Team Israel and quickly began schooling Jeremy on all things Jewish. Jeremy was hooked from the start, but Leah was only interested in being friends… until Skeeps Tuesday. The rest of the year they were nearly inseparable. Leah tutored Jeremy through Econ classes, they shared heart-shaped pizza on Valentine’s Days in the stacks, and ordered No Thai in every other waking moment. Sharing senior year with their best friends in Ann Arbor was the perfect backdrop to starting their relationship. Their next adventure began in DC where they were both excited to begin new jobs. Leah got to know Jeremy’s family in Northern Virginia, and Jeremy had the chance to spend time with Leah's family in Chicago including meeting the entire Spellberg/Kaplan clan at Nathan’s cow themed Bar Mitzvah. They lived the young professional lifestyle, meshing friends from college, camp, work, and everywhere in between. When they both decided to go back to school, Leah in Boston to get her MBA and Jeremy in Philadelphia for law school, they were nervous but determined to make a long-distance relationship work. The pandemic provided a silver lining in allowing Leah to move to Philly to finish her MBA remotely with Jeremy by her side. Living in Philly and further building their life together, Leah & Jeremy learned how the different pieces of their personalities supported each other. Jeremy is in charge of all the cooking and cleaning in their household while Leah takes care of scheduling, logistics, and finances. Maybe one day Leah will grow the courage to touch raw chicken, but in the meantime, Jeremy is happy to overcook it just the way she likes. After Jeremy graduated from law school they moved back to DC. Leah’s friends wouldn’t stop hounding Jeremy about when he was going to propose, but little did they know he already had a plan. Jeremy’s grandmother Faith had given him her engagement ring and was so excited to have Leah join their family. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to outsmart Leah and plan a surprise engagement party, Jeremy proposed while on vacation with Leah’s family. Leah & Jeremy have had the best time celebrating their love with everyone and can’t wait for many more celebrations with friends and family on their wedding day!

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