Travis & Alicia

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our friends and family that are walking down the aisle with us!

Vidalia Lazore

Maid of Honor

Vidalia joins at the Maid of Honor. As Alicia's seester, she is the mandatory best friend for live.

Rana Geete


Rana joins as a Bridesmaid. Rana has been a friend since high school and coincidently moved to WA state just days apart from Alicia. Their friendship has flourished as they both navigate living in their new home in the Pacific Northwest.

Bree Binion


Bree joins as a Bridesmaid. She is an adventure seeker and has traveled with Alicia and Travis to Mexico and many places within the Pacific Northwest.

Ronniesha Edmond

Best Woman

Ronniesha joins as the Best Woman. She is the coolest sister ever and a best friend for life!

Alex Posner


Alex joins as a Groomsman. Alex has been a friend since high school, then into college at RIT. Promises there will be no dumpster fires...

David Edmond


David is Travis' brother in-law and has been a great addition to the family! David is a songwriter, artist and producer. His creativity is inspiring!

Viviana Pumarejo

Flower Girl

Viviana, Alicia's niece, joins as the flower girl.

David Edmond Jr.

Ring Bearer

David Jr., Duecey, joins as Ring Bearer. Duecey is Travis' nephew.

Stacey Levin


Stacey Levin joins as the Wedding Officiant. Previously being Alicia's high school Guidance Counselor, she was instrumental in the adolescent years of Alicia's life.

Tonia Galban

Haudenosaunee Teaching

Jamie Jacobs

Gano:nyok Speaker

Opening words also known as Thanksgiving Address.