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Harnish Our Way To Forever


Laynna Cing


Ramen Harnish


February 24, 2024

Fayetteville, NC
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Unexpected Love

When we tell you that this wasn’t even suppose to be anything but a meet and greet we definitely went the complete opposite way. We met online and apparently I “ghosted” Ray, so while going back online he noticed our chat from a week ago and thought to himself “I know she didn’t just ghost me like that”. After that the rest was HISTORY! Yes, we moved really quick when we started dating which surprised our family and friends. Ray definitely came in at a time that I needed someone. The year I moved to N.C. (March 2021), my family and I lost my dad (July 2021). Although Ray was just getting to know my culture he definitely stepped up to helping out my family and I through our grieving. We got engaged on July 2022 the same time we were having our Housewarming party. Ray knew that it meant a lot to me if he had asked my family permission to ask for my hand in marriage (my cultures way as a sign of respect). Having said that after he got the yes from my family his Mom did not waste no time on planning how to propose to me. Our house warming party turned out to be our engagement party as well which was a really happy time in my life especially after losing my father. Ray and I could not be any happier with where we are going right now. Since he proposed , things definitely changed and it was a really good change. I’m about to marry the man who has gotten me to see outside my comfort zone, tested my patience, and made me learn that I had to put my happiness first. Even with us still learning about each other and finding ways to incorporate our cultures and beliefs together I’m really excited that I finally have someone who makes me feel safe and makes me feel like I am VALUED. FEBRUARY 24,2024 we are going to HARNISH OUR WAY TO OUR FOREVER and can’t wait for y’all to come and celebrate our love.

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