We are looking forward to celebrate with you! Please remember to RSVP.
We are looking forward to celebrate with you! Please remember to RSVP.

Layla and Will


Layla & Will are getting Married!


Will Lusk Claiborne


Layla Dehaiman

October 12, 2024

Albuquerque, NM
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The One Love Foundation

(An origin story)

Like many modern couples, Layla and Will's extraordinary love blossomed from a tedious process of swiping left or right on photos of strangers. Yet, something undeniable was there from the get-go. Layla, for her part, loved Will's mandatory appreciation for "the funk," while the political buttons in Layla's photos left no doubt in Will's mind that Layla was cut from the same cloth that he was. The messages flew quickly, and soon a date was planned. One can never repeat a first impression, but in this case it was not needed. Layla arrived with a book in hand, expecting to kill time with yet another date arriving late. Will was already there early (a clear green flag for her), beer in hand, thrilled to see a brainy woman who was far more beautiful than her photos had let on (an obvious green flag for him). Over that first conversation, eye to eye across a splintered table, Layla and Will discovered that they shared far more than just political opinions and Albuquerque upbringings- they shared a common and kind way of being. One beer led to three, which led to a kiss and a clear promise to see one another the next weekend. From that second date on, the two have been inseparable. Layla cited to the chart of rapper's vocabulary size and tickled Will's nerdiness over sushi, while the two shared war stories of working in education in New Mexico. Layla and Will both tried to keep it cool, but Cupid's arrow had struck and only a fool would ignore his delightful wound. Nobody knows which of them first started using the term "One Love," but nothing better describes the love between Layla and Will. "One Love" means one life together, with one mutual well of joy to draw from. If either Layla or Will is having a rough day, the weight of the world is distributed across four shoulders rather than two. Neither can run if one is limping. One laugh is shared in two voices. "One Love" became the shorthand to remind one another that there is no hardship carried alone, nor beauty left unshared. Eventually, the home and life they share became the "One Love Foundation." Will and Layla have seen each other through many storms and have proven that not one drop sneaks through the roof that they share. By the time they actually tie the knot, just over three years will have elapsed since that first date (only a fraction of their lives, but an eternity compared to a celebrity matrimony). In this time, the two have seen a lot. Changes to careers and homes, travel and holidays, adding a dog to the family, wins, losses, and more than a few walks together to hunt Pokemon. In the winter of 2022, Layla and Will unexpectedly drove home from Charleston, South Carolina, in the span of just 36 hours. The delirium of the road and navigating through a windstorm spanning most of Texas solidified that whatever the world threw at them, Layla and Will would face it together. The One Love shared between Layla and Will encompasses those who they are lucky enough to count among their family and friends. By sharing in the celebration of their united life together, you also form part of the One Love Foundation. One Love. One Heart. Let's get together and feel alright.

The Proposal

July 14, 2023

As Layla describes it, Will "engaged" her at Piatanzi's on July 14, 2023. About a year before the proposal, Will gave Layla an Irish Claddagh ring as a symbol of their love over dinner at Piatanzi's. That night, he had to clarify that it was not a proposal for engagement YET, but that there were some beautify things on the horizon. Proposing at this same location seemed the appropriate way to tie up this loose end and help make their story complete. Ahead of the proposal, Will found a perfect ring, contacted the restaurant to let them know of his plans, recruited his friend Adam to photograph the event, and almost had a couple of heart attacks while nervously waiting for the day to come. While Layla was pretty sure Will would be popping the question sometime soon, she had no idea it was coming that night. The actual proposal solved the mystery of why Will was acting strange all night and why a stranger (Adam) had been staring at them from across the room all evening. To the delight of everyone, there was no delay in Layla replying with an enthusiastic yes. Layla and Will have been crazy about each other from the get-go, so marriage was basically always a question of "when" rather than "if." The couple eagerly awaits the taking the final step to address this question of "when" on October 12, 2024.

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