Lauren & Brian

Wedding Party

Meet our friends and family that will be walking down the aisle with us!

Kristen Waldecker

Matron of Honor

Kristen and Lauren have been friends since the 4th grade! She's been with Lauren through all of life's special moments so of course Lauren had to make Kristen one of her Matron's of Honor.

Allison Turner

Matron of Honor

Allison and Lauren were roommates through all four years of college! They have traveled through Greece together and have been there for one another for so many milestones. Lauren couldn't imagine not having Allison there with her on this special day as her other Matron of Honor.

Alyssa Hart


Lauren and Alyssa became friends in college and lived together for two years. When Lauren lived in the city, her and Alyssa would take their dogs to the park and spend hours talking about anything and everything. She is truly a one in a million kind of friend and Lauren's biggest hype girl. Exactly who she will need standing beside her on her wedding day!

Leanna Cornelius


Leanna and Lauren are cousins but more like sisters. They have been in each others lives since Lauren was little. Always being there for one another. Phone calls, Face times and too many texts to count! Lauren would not want to stand up at her wedding without her older cousin standing next to her.

Talia Lauria


Talia is Lauren's cousin, but truly she is like a big sister. Talia actually knew Lauren was getting engaged before anyone as Brian wanted to get her approval of the ring and how he was going to pop the question!

Andrew Ferolito

Best Man

Brian and Andrew met in band class in 6th grade. They've played hockey together, they've traveled together. And now Andrew will be alongside Brian as he marries Lauren this June.

Zachary Morris

Best Man

Zack and Brian go all the way back to Tee-Ball and PeeWee hockey. Since elementary school they have hung out in Reading and the Cape during the summers. Zack will be standing beside Brian as he marries Lauren come June 16th.

Dakota Evans


Dakota and Brian met in Surveying class at the Thompson School of UNH. Dakota brought Brian to play some intramural hockey and the rest is history.

Jeffrey Couture


Jeff was one of Brians first high school buddies. He excelled in keyboarding class, so Brian stuck by him. They have been friends for many years and plenty to come.

Matthew Campanale


Matt is Brian's brother-in-law. They have known each other for over 10 years and share the same UNH alma mater.

Vienna Campanale,

Flower Girl

Vienna is Katrina and Matt's beautiful daughter and Lauren and Brian's niece. They absolutely adore her. Their wedding day would not be complete without Vienna making her way down the aisle spreading all of her cuteness and flower petals!

Ceremony Roles

Ceremony Participants

Rick Trabucco, Uncle of the bride- Officiant Readings by: Katrina Campanale, sister of the groom Debra Bulkeley, Godmother of the bride Tricia O'Flaherty, Godmother of the groom Gene O'Flaherty, Godfather of the groom We are so excited to be sharing the most special part of our day with some very special people throughout our ceremony.