Lauren & Blake



Lauren Carew


Blake Slaymaker


July 25, 2024

Berthoud, CO
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The Story of Us

Blake and Lauren met while in college in early 2018. From the very first introductory hug Blake and Lauren knew there was something more. While attending colleges in different states their love for one another grew much grander than the miles between them. They would often stay up late FaceTiming one another, having dinner dates, and binging The Office. Blake playing college baseball meant it was difficult to leave campus and Lauren took every opportunity to join him where ever he was. That meant traveling America's finest states ... Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado ;) They made the most out of every second they got to see each other over these years. After finishing college in 2021 they moved to Windsor, CO to start a life TOGETHER. Here they have grown as one, getting to spend everyday with each other. You can catch Blake and Lauren on the baseball diamond, golf course, or pickleball courts in their free time. Blake and Lauren are ultra excited to get married and start this new chapter of their lives together!


Blake proposed to Lauren on December 10, 2023 at the TPC Golf Course in Berthoud, Colorado. Blake constructed the greatest proposal of 2023 (according to Lauren). He hired a photographer, planned with family, and created a fake advertisement for family photos presented by the restaurant. He led her to believe it was a perfect day to take some photos together. With the help of the TPC staff the proposal was executed flawlessly and Lauren completely oblivious responded, no...way! Yes! Of course! After many years, Blake and Lauren can't wait to bring all their family and friends together when they say "I Do" on July 25th 2024!

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