Quincy & LaTrenda




May 6, 2023

Atlanta, GA
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How it started

May 15, 1995

Quincy and LaTrenda met at work on May 15, 1995. LaTrenda walked into the lobby of their building and saw a group of about 15 black men standing outside the conference room. When she got back to her desk, she called the receptionist and asked about "the fine bald dude with the goatee". The receptionist told her that his name is Quincy, and he had just asked about her too! Later that day, the receptionist arranged for LaTrenda and Quincy to be at her desk at the same time, and she introduced them. Before leaving for the day, Quincy went to LaTrenda's desk and asked her out. That night, when they had their first phone conversation, Quincy told her she would be his wife! Three years later, they wed on May 2, 1998.