Katie & Erik



Erik Larsson


Katie Shapiro

October 6, 2024

San Antonio, TX
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Our Fairy Tale

Winter 2016

Once upon a digital realm, in a land where connections were woven through the threads of the internet, there lived two kindred souls named Katie and Erik. Their tale, like that of a wondrous fairy story, began with a shared passion that transcended distance and brought them together – a passion for adventure and the enchanting art of travel. Katie, with her heart as open as a blooming rose, and Erik, dashing and gallant in his leather coat, met in the virtual gardens of the online world. There, amidst the pixels and the glow of screens, their souls recognized a common melody that resonated like a gentle breeze through the leaves of destiny. Their first meeting, a moment as fateful as a shooting star streaking across the night sky, took place in the quaint village of the train station. As Katie's eyes met Erik's, she found herself breathless, for his appearance was as if plucked from the pages of a tale of old. The leather coat he wore seemed to whisper secrets of adventures untold. In a cozy tavern adorned with the flicker of candlelight, their voices intertwined like ivy climbing an ancient tower. Hours danced by, as they shared tales of distant lands, of mountains that kissed the sky, and of oceans that whispered ancient stories to the sands. The symphony of their laughter echoed through the tavern, weaving a bond as strong as the roots of an ancient oak. Before the moon had waxed and waned, their connection had blossomed like a rose kissed by the morning dew. Their second chapter was penned swiftly, as if the hand of fate itself guided their story. In less than a single cycle of the moon, they declared their love, and the world itself seemed to bow in reverence to their enchanting union. The years that followed were a tapestry woven with threads of golden moments. They moved through life hand in hand, like two explorers venturing into the heart of a mystical forest. Together, they embarked on grand journeys, crossing vast oceans and scaling towering peaks. Europe unveiled its castles, Peru shared its secrets, and New York offered its skyline as a canvas for their love to flourish. Through each crest and trough of life's undulating landscape, their love grew stronger, proving as resilient as a diamond forged under the earth's pressure. And then, one day, when the city of love itself bloomed in the blush of spring, Erik knelt amidst the whispers of the Seine, presenting Katie with a ring that sparkled like a shard of a fallen star. Their love story, begun amidst the luminescent pixels of the internet, had evolved into a fairy tale fit for the ages. It was a tale of mutual love, of shared dreams, and of the beauty that can emerge from the most unexpected beginnings. And so, dear reader, whether in the realm of technology or amidst the pages of an ancient tome, the story of Katie and Erik reminds us that love, like magic, can weave the most extraordinary tales.

The Proposal


On the anniversary of when we first met, we went back to our old stomping grounds to do karaoke with friends. When "I'd Do Anything for Love" came on, we ran up to the front. When the music suddenly died down, I looked over and he was down on one knee. I screamed, shouted "YES," and we were engaged. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you in San Fran!