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Dean & Lori Landis

Parents of the Bride

Jodi Adams

Mother of the Groom

Michael Adams


Steven and Michael are brothers ever since Steven was 9 years old. They have gone on some memorable adventures including backpacking the Great Sand Dunes, fly fishing near Estes Park, rappelling off of canyon cliffs in Utah, and always kayaking back home in Florida. Whenever they can hang out together, they make sure it's a memory worth having!

Elizabeth Landis

Maid of Honor

Elizabeth is the little sister that Hannah prayed for after three consecutive brothers. Together, they enjoy watching High School Musical, laughing, and bringing the full range of emotions to the Landis family.

Emily Pollard


Emily and Hannah grew up as family friends, but didn’t become close until 2018. Emily has been Hannah’s closest pal, tagging along family trips and visiting Hannah in Denver many times. They both love good food, musical theater, and adventures.

Jessi Wininger


Jessi and Hannah were Lucy and Susan Pevensie in a homeschool play The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Despite middle school drama, they stayed fast friends and would consider each other sisters. Jessi is married with three kids in Lakeside, MT.

Madison Landis


Madison is married to Hannah’s brother David. They live in San Jose, CA. Hannah has known Maddy since 2005 and is grateful for a wonderful friend and sister.

Morgan Mornhinweg


Morgan is a friend from Denver Seminary but is originally from San Jose, California. Morgan has been a faithful prayer partner and listening ear, but also just a ton of fun. Their favorite hobbies include drinking Ollipop sodas, thrifting, and karaoke parties to hits from the early 2000s.

Kristen Galloway


Kristen is Hannah’s 2nd cousin. Hannah was in Kristen’s wedding 17 years ago as a junior bridesmaid. Hannah is grateful for the time they have spent together during her time in Jackson Hole over the summer.

Jessica Woodhouse


Jessica and Hannah are 2nd cousins and most of their time spent together was in the first few years of life. Matching clothes and communal bath time was a thing. When they are together, you can find them chatting about health and fitness while drinking lattes.

Justin Laakso

Best Man

This guy became Steven's best friend in Utah over the years. They have backpacked and hiked a few hundred miles together, have been roommates for over 4 years, and love to talk about theology often. They enjoy being whiskey snobs, playing Bingo at Hill Air Force Base, and cooking steaks. Steven couldn't imagine life in Utah without having Justin alongside.

Marc Shelly


Marc and Steven have been good friends since middle school where they would argue in class at least once a week about who was taller (Marc eventually won). Having began serving in the Army, Marc was a huge part of Steven's decision to join the Air Force in 2007. These guys have always been close even though life has often taken them in different directions.

Austin Woods


Austin attended Colorado Christian University where he met Steven in 2013. Austin always lends a prayer or a phone call in time of need. He goes above and beyond in friendship, even from faraway England where he once was a missionary. One time they planned an extensive road trip from Colorado to Nevada with some friends for the sole purpose of eating In-N-Out burgers.

Carl Bleich


Steven has known Carl since 2001 when they met in band class at Bonita Springs Middle School in Florida. Some of the best memories Steven has had with Carl have been a road trip to Ohio in 2011, "Level 1" / "Level 2" adventures when Steven lived Colorado, and pre-football game hangouts in high school.

Matt Bennett


Matt Bennett has the win when it comes to inside jokes with Steven, too innumerable to share here. They have been on many trips and adventures such as visiting Maine with Steven's family, hiking the 110 mile Uinta Highline trail, several ski trips, and one time Matt even saved Steven from falling through a snow drift into a creek while snowshoeing!

Damian Herbert


Damian and Steven have been good buddies since serving in the Air Force together. They began backpacking the Alaskan wilderness together back before it was a cool "outdoorsy" Instagram hobby. The Herbert family is a huge part of Steven's life, including Steven tagging along on Herbert Family vacations and visiting them wherever the Air Force has sent them.

Robert Gaines


Robby and Steven have shared so many similar seasons of life together. Robby is perhaps one of the most sincere people in Steven's life. They both are computer programmers, enjoy traveling together, and love a good speakeasy cocktail. In Colorado they would meet up once a week at Torchy's Tacos when they were single to complain about the Denver dating scene.

Norah & Hazel

Flower Girls


Ring Bearer

Brian Brown


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