Colleen & Lance








October 14, 2023

Phoenix, AZ

Origin Story

First comes work, then comes marriage…

In the prime of the Silicon Valley-based tech boom, amidst the constant hum of innovation and technology, the modern love story of Lance and Colleen takes root. It was 2016, and the third-party food delivery industry was taking off. Despite the distractions, Lance, an introverted soul with a mysterious charm, found himself continually drawn to the vivacious, outgoing spirit of Colleen. His reserved nature was all that separated them, a division dissolved when Colleen, one day, ventured a bold move. She burst over a shared wall behind him and exclaimed, "Hey! Let me see your tattoo." She was referring to Lance's small, stormtrooper tattoo, a playful tribute to his love for Star Wars, etched onto his finger. Thus, their first real interaction was sparked, with a stormtrooper as the match. In the subsequent years, they found themselves in a cosmic dance, their orbits drawing them close, but never quite aligning. They became friends, each entangled in their own relationships, their timing never quite synchronized. But as the universe would have it, the stars aligned in the autumn of 2020. With the summer warmth fading into the cool of fall, they both found themselves single and ready for a new chapter. It took the casual and unexpected charm of Zipps Sports Bar and Grille, a haven of camaraderie and good cheer, to finally intertwine their paths. Ever since that fateful encounter, Lance and Colleen have embarked on an extraordinary journey of growth and discovery. They have seen the world together, they have nurtured each other, learning from their shared and individual experiences, creating a rich tapestry of shared wisdom. Alongside them on this journey is their loving, albeit needy, pug, Pearl and their three-legged feline street-cat, Hatrick Kitty McKee III. Their quirky pets reflect their unique and adventurous spirits. This is the story of Lance and Colleen, a love that began amidst the hustle and bustle of DoorDash, weathered the complexities of timing, and blossomed under the twinkling lights of a sports bar. It is a love that continues to grow and thrive, nurtured by shared experiences, a sense of adventure, and a pug and a cat who, just like their humans, are perfectly imperfect together.

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