Wedding Party

Wedding Party

We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the people you'll see standing by our side on our wedding day. We are very lucky to have so much love and support as we enter the next chapter of our lives together!

Jan Proceviat

Mother of the Bride

Jan is Laina's mom and the person we need to give the credit for making this wedding happen! As a couple, we have had so much fun with her over the years, and we have been working as a team to bring our wedding dreams to reality. We want to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her love and support, and can't wait to have an amazing weekend together!

Jerry Proceviat

Father of the Bride

While Jerry, Laina's dad, will not be with us on the wedding day, we want to acknowledge the incredible man that he was and the impact he had. Jerry had the most undeniable presence, and everyone gravitated towards him. He thrived as the father of the bride and would have been found with a huge group around him telling one of his famous jokes, or hugging his wife and daughters. He was the best Dad in the entire world, and we miss him more than words can possibly say. We encourage everyone to raise a glass to the legend, Jerry!

Tiny Rooney

Mother of the Groom

Tiny is Shawn's mom and the life of the party! What she lacks in size, she makes up for in personality. We love having her close by, and she is always there when we need her. She has been so supportive and we appreciate everything she does for us as a couple. If you hang out with her at the wedding you're bound to have a good time!

Mike Rooney

Father of the Groom

Mike is Shawn's dad and our favorite bartender. Mike is always our first call whenever we have a household problem to solve, need a homegrown lemon or tomato, or when we just want to have a fun night out. We can't thank him enough for all that he does for us, and we are excited to spend our wedding weekend together!

Les Proceviat

Escorting the Bride

Les is Laina's Uncle and God Father. He and Laina's Dad were inseparable, and so he has always taken on a fatherly role in Laina's life. In Jerry's place, Laina is thankful to have him by her side as she takes the most important steps of her life.

John McLaughlin


John is Laina's Brother-in-Law and the person who will be pronouncing us husband and wife! John is an incredible husband and father, and someone that we both look up to, love, and respect. We have so much fun with him, and are so appreciative of all the support he has shown us throughout our relationship. We are so thankful he has accepted this important role in our special day!

Alix McLaughlin

Matron of Honor

Alix is Laina's sister, Matron of Honor, and best friend. There isn't a day, or really an hour, that goes by that the Laina and her aren't chatting, sharing stories about their days, or leaning on each other for support. Alix is an unbelievable Mom (of four!) and wife, yet she always finds time to prioritize her and Laina's relationship, and their bond is one of Laina's favorite things in the world. Laina loves her so much, and she couldn't dream of having anyone else by her side on her special day.

Ali Bo


Ali and Laina's friendship dates back to freshman year of high school, but they really became great friends when they went to the University of Oregon together as sophomore transfers. Laina and Ali lived together for two years in college, and five years outside of college, and it's safe to say they packed a lot of core memories into those years together. Ali is one of the closest people in the world to Laina, and over the years she has become one of Shawn's best friends as well. She's a one-in-a-million type of friend, and once you find someone like her, you don't let her go!

Andi Bo


The first day of high school Andi famously walked up to Laina in art class and said "you look nice, can I sit next to you?" And considering Laina had gone into St Francis knowing next to no one, this was just about the best thing she could have heard. And since that day, Laina and Andi have been close friends and have shared so many amazing memories. Andi is loyal, kind, genuine, and she is just the kind of person you're lucky to have in your corner. She has become one of Shawn's closest friends as well, and it's so much fun to see!

Bozsho Margaretich


Laina met Bozsho in geometry class sophomore year of high school, and she knew from that moment on life would never be the same. Since then, Bozsho and Laina have made some of the best memories, and if you hang around them for even a few minutes you'll be sure to hear stories of their travels, jokes, and unforgettable moments. Bozsho is a friend that truly feels more like family, and Laina is lucky to have him by her side.

Madelyn Sim


Madelyn and Laina were in the same sorority at Oregon, and really became close towards the end of their college years. Madelyn and Laina share a love for delicious meals, and even though they have lived across the world from each other for the past 10+ years, Laina knows that she is just a call or text away and they are sure to keep in touch daily. Madelyn is understanding, compassionate, and so much fun, and Laina can't wait to celebrate with her!

Sammy Brenner


Sammy and Laina met in Pi Phi at Oregon together, and have stayed close every since. Sammy has the most magnetic personality, and as cliche as it sounds, she really does light up every room she walks in. Over the years Sammy and Laina have always made it a priority to check in on each other and every time they get together it is as if no time has passed. Laina is very thankful that Sammy will be there to celebrate on her wedding day!

Andy Bruening


Andy is probably one of Shawn’s most recognizable friends with his big stature and deep voice. Together, they’ve been Rob and Big since high school and you can count on them communicating with just facial expressions or quoting lines from Seinfeld.

Chris Greene


Chris Green and Shawn have funny memories going back to their early college days. Since then, they’ve made plenty of memories raiding in World of Warcraft, watching sports, and playing all of the drinking games, no matter how hard the rules are to explain.

Daniel Hoffman


Daniel and Shawn met at their job at Atlona, and bonded over just trying to survive each work day between the characters of coworkers and crazy office environment. Today, they both work at Amazon, albeit, very different groups, but continue to talk about the “good” old work days.

Dustin Shean


Dusty is easily Shawn’s longest tenured friend, dating back to elementary school at Schallenberger. Even though they went to different colleges on opposite coasts, their paths have always pulled them back together whenever they’re in Willow Glen.

Jeff Mattern


Jeff and Shawn met at a World Cup party and have essentially been partying ever since. They’ll never miss a trip to go snowboarding, to watch a game, or for the 4th of July - just don’t forget the sunscreen or canopy.

Phil Thrappas


Phil and Shawn met by a stroke of luck through some mutual friends, and quickly bonded over having fun while going out. No matter which of Phil’s personality shows up, they always enjoy getting together and reminiscing on their old memories while making new ones.

Riley Danford


Riley and Shawn’s friendship started off hectic and seemingly hasn’t stopped since. Through the years and distances between them, whether it be Portland and San Jose or Jonathan Avenue and Bird Avenue, they never hesitate to make the most of a Friday night.

Tyler Heinkel


Tyler stems back as one of Shawn’s best high school friends, starting from JV basketball. Despite them constantly battling never being quite in the same city, they never miss a beat catching up on old times and new stories.

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